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Professor Wayne Zage

Director of the Software Engineering Research Center

An NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center


Contact Information:
Office: RB 441 
Voice:  (765) 285-8664 

Photograph of Wayne Zage


National Award:

The 2007 Alexander Schwarzkopf Prize for Technological Innovation from the NSF I/UCRC Association for the design metrics research. 

State Award

Indiana TechPoint 2008 Mira Award in the category Education Contribution to Technology


University Awards:

The 2001 - 2002 Award for Outstanding Faculty

The 1993 - 1994 Award for Outstanding Research

The 1980 - 1981 Award for Outstanding Young Faculty


Research Interests:


Software product and process metrics and their application to product and process improvement. 


Research Description: 

The underlying premise to my work is that software developers should be able to infer more about the software they are developing during the design process. Thus, by computing metrics at various times during the development of design, managers and software developers can determine the better design when alternative choices exist, as well as identify stress points that may lead to difficulty during coding and maintenance.


Related Publications:

1. “Metrics Directed Verification of UML Designs,” Wayne Zage, Dolores Zage, Todd Chaffins, SERC Technical Report 284, Ball State University, June 2006.
2. “Measuring the Effect of Design Decisions on Software Reliability”, Jeff Stineburg, Dolores Zage, Wayne Zage, presented at the International Society of Software Reliability Engineers (ISSRE) 2005 Conference, Chicago, November 2005.
3. “Global Software Development – the Challenges,” Ita Richardson, Valentine Casey, Dolores Zage, Wayne Zage, University of Limerick, Ball State University, SERC Technical Report 278, September 2005.
4. “UML Design Metrics Guidebook”, Dolores Zage, Wayne Zage, written for Raytheon Systems, October 2005.
5. “The Eclipse Platform for Tool Integration and Development,” Zhihui Yang, Wayne Zage, Dolores Zage, Ball State University, SERC Technical Report 273, May 2005.
6. “CATS2 - Cost of Anti-Tamper Software Security”, Eric Bryant, Jack E. Davis, W. Zage, and Dolores Zage, Proceedings of the Anti-Tamper 2005 Conference, Sandia National Labs, April 19-21, 2005.
7. “Test Management and Process Support for Virtual Teams,” Dolores Zage, Wayne Zage, Cathy Wilburn, SERC Technical Report 271, Ball State University, April 2005.
8. “Module Metric Signature Visualization”, Dolores Zage and W. Zage, Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Software Maintenance, Chicago, Illinois, September 11-15, 2004.
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15. “Avoiding Metric Monsters: A Design Metrics Approach”, W. Zage and D. Zage, in a special issue of the Annals of Software Engineering Journal devoted to software process and product measures, J.C. Beltzer AG, Scientific Publishing co., Basel, Switzerland, Summer 1995.
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20. “Evaluating Design Metrics on Large-Scale Software”, W. Zage and D. Zage, IEEE Software Journal, July 1993.
21. “An Ada Software Design Evaluation”, W. Zage and D. Zage, SERC Technical Report TR-130-P, December 1992.
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23. “Relating Design Metrics to Software Quality: Some Empirical Results”, W. Zage and D. Zage, SERC Technical Report TR-74-P, May 1990.



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