Spring 2019 CS 120: Computer Science 1
Twelfth Semi-annual All-section Art Show
Sponsored by the Department of Computer Science

Held in the AJ Atrium on Friday, March 29, 2019 from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM

The collages shown below were created by students in the CS 120 course, and judged by their peers to be the best in each section of the course. Although these could have been created using an image-editing program, these students have written the code themselves to create these collages programmatically by manipulating individual pixels.

This page displays the entries from this semester. You may view entries from all other semesters. All student work included in this and other shows, as well as many other CS 120 students' work is provided in an online digital media repository maintained by the BSU University Libraries.


Section 1

Instructor: David Largent
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"Glitch" by Bailey Brooks
Sophomore; GIS major, Computer Science minor
Artist's statement: "The most challenging part of the project was finding a pattern for the colors that looked good and wasn't difficult to look at. The most rewarding part of the project was getting to work with an older piece of my work again and giving it a new look."
"Dark Waves" by Logan Chu
Freshman; Computer Science minor
Artist's statement: "My greatest challenge was getting my signature onto the picture. This was mainly because I knew what to do in my head but putting it into the program was difficult. I also kept messing up small lines of code and my end results were never quite right. However, with patience and slowly going over every process I was able to fix my errors and complete my collage. I was incredibly happy to see the end results of the programs. I have always loved working with my own hands. I did model building when I was younger and still admire my old amateurish work. This project was an extension of that love for craft. I appreciated that I was able to learn a new skill and make something completely new."
"IT'S ALLIIEEVVEEE!" by Seth Carter
Freshman; Computer Science major, Business minor
Artist's statement: "The most challenging aspect was finding ways to edit the picture and assembling the slices of the image that went well together. The most rewarding part of the project was finally getting it organized and outputting the image I had in my head."
"Stardust" by Austin Hespe
Sophomore; Meteorology and GIS majors, Computer Science and Emergency Management minors
Artist's statement: "The most difficult thing for me about creating the collage was actually finding something to create. I like pictures that have a complex meaning but look simple in nature. I am always trying to find a deeper meaning in things in life and art is no exception to that. So, when I went to make this collage, I wanted it to resemble something that could have a deeper meaning. This was one of the hardest things to do. The code itself was long, however, the code was easier to write with an idea of what the art would look like in the end. The most rewarding part was seeing the collage finished and seeing all of the different parts of code coming together to form a piece of art. I think it is pretty cool how the stars in the picture get warped and changed. If you look at the stars you can almost make out animals, or angels inside the stars. What do you see?"
"Crikey" by Gray Longshore
Junior; Criminal Justice major, Computer Science minor
Artist's statement: "The most challenging part of the collage was trying to get all of the code to mesh together and getting a signature to appear on the collage. The most rewarding was the feeling of doing things that, at the beginning of the semester, were challenging and bringing them all together"
"Sailing on the sea of knowledge" by Drew Waterfield
Senior; Telecommunication major
Artist's statement: "The most challenging aspect of the project was getting the chroma-key to work. For some reason, it kept refusing to cooperate. The most rewarding part was seeing the fruits of my labor finally appear."
"Coastal Colors" by Chase Wilson
Sophomore; Computer Technology major
Artist's statement: "The most challenging part of the project was making sure I didn't edit an image more than what I wanted to. The most rewarding part was seeing the final product."
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Section 2

Instructor: David Largent
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"Bell Tower" by Zac Calhoun
Senior; Computer Information Systems Major, Foundations of Computer Systems minor
Artist's statement: "The most challenging part of creating the collage was remembering the exact position of each image, as this was important to have every image positioned correctly. The exact resolution was 200 x 730, so a 3-pixel border of Ball State red was left at the top and bottom of the collage. The most rewarding part of the collage creation was when the fifth image finished copying correctly over the blank red canvas. Due to the way the collage is coded, it took a while to display every time, so each test of the program took longer and longer. At the end, with the collage finally finished, it was an honor to have been one of the best eight in my class."
"Hydroponic Petunia" by Josh Kruger
Senior; Biochemistry and Creative Writing majors
Artist's statement: "I struggled the most in planning the aesthetic. I planned out the locations for each quarter of the modified images; picking modifications that would go well together challenged my ideas of art. Even now, I'm restless about the pattern. The collage itself was the most rewarding aspect to this project. Proof of all the code running and generating the concept in my mind; that sense of artistic creation cannot be overvalued."
"Beautiful Destruction" by Christian Denning
Sophomore; Computer Science major
Artist's statement: "The most challenging aspect of my collage for me was scaling my picture into the given collage parameters since it was bigger than necessary and wouldn't allow me to shift my 4 altered versions of the original picture where I wanted them to go. The most rewarding part of my collage was being able to implement my signature as I felt it truly made it my own and brought the whole collage together."
"Shops" by Austin Foster
Sophomore; Computer Science major
Artist's statement: "I found that keeping the code organized was definitely the most difficult part of the project, considering this was the largest program I had done up until this point. The most rewarding part of the project was envisioning what I wanted it to look like in my head and then translating that idea to code in order to create something completely unique."
"Gary Come Home" by Payton Lowry
Freshman ; Computer Science major
Artist's statement: "I found the most challenging part of creating the collage was getting the image to copy across the new image. The most rewarding part of creating the collage was seeing the finished artwork after hours of working on it."
"Blended" by Caleb Murray
Freshman; Physics major
Artist's statement: "The most challenging part about creating my collage was figuring out how I was going to modify the sections within the created image in an aesthetically pleasing way. The most rewarding part of my project was having a sense of accomplishment with the final product."
"Feel and Conquer by Yummei" by Howard Scrougham
Junior; Computer Technology major, Business Administration minor
Artist's statement: "Hands down the most challenging aspect of this project was near the end when trying to piece everything together so it works/looks as close as you imagined. The most rewarding part was the moment when you see your finished product after the time put into it."
"Gradual Merge" by Owen Walters
Sophomore; Telecommunications and Computer Science majors
Artist's statement: "I found lining up the foreground and background photos challenging, but seeing my work displayed was very rewarding."


Section 3

Instructor: Karl MEsarosh
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"Aurora" by Isaac Carcare
Freshman; Computer Science major, Economics minor
Artist's statement: "The most challenging thing was trying to create the three overlapping moons, it was hard trying to find a way to get them to seem that they were all overlapping and not just stacked on each other. For the most rewarding part I would say making the background of my collage, I really like how the two mirroring effects turned out."
"Vibrancy" by Ethan Hatcher
Freshman; Actuarial Science and Computer Science majors
Artist's statement: "The most challenging part of the project was the creation of the rings, but completing those and getting to see how much they added to the collage was easily the most rewarding part of the experience."
"The last Dick Cheney" by Melanie Isenbarger
Sophomore; Physics and Astronomy majors, Spanish and Astrophysics minors
Artist's statement: "The most challenging part was working with functions that altered the shape of Christian Bale. The most rewarding part in making this collage was running it once it was completed and seeing all of my functions work properly to produce the finished product."
"Eclipses in the view" by David Mitchell
Junior; Computer Information Systems major, Entrepreneurship and Computer Science minors
Artist's statement: "The most challenging part of the project was figuring out the size and putting the images on the canvas. The most rewarding would be just seeing my vision for the collage finished."
"Inspired by the 80s" by Kathryn Rodgers
Freshman; Biology major, Computer Science and Spanish minors
Artist's statement: "Removing the background on the flower picture and copying it was the most challenging. The most rewarding part of the collage creation was completing the layering and coloring of the signatures perfectly."
"Minnetrista in Motion" by Noah Slagle
Senior; Actuarial Science major, Foundations of Business for Actuaries minor
Artist's statement: "The most challenging part was the top right and bottom left corner functions; I used some algebra and tinkering to solve for those lines along the sides of the Minnetrista Center Building to accomplish the effect of having just the building be modified. The most rewarding part for me was seeing a picture that I took (and is one of my favorites in my aerial photography portfolio) absolutely come to life through the mirroring effects. Once I discovered how they could almost seamlessly connect each picture in my collage, I put them together in such a way to give the collage a flow and sense of motion. I am really fond of this effect and how it turned out!"

Copyright © 2019 by the collage creators identified above each image.
Spring 2019 CS 120 All-section Art Show organized by David Largent with significant support from Paul Buis, Kim Bechdolt, and Karl Mesarosh.