by Paul Gestwicki


EEClone is an homage to Omega's Every Extend. It is a sample game that I developed during Summer 2006 for a seminar on Game Engine Design. There are many aspects of the game that can be extended and improved, but as it is, it demonstrates the following aspects of game development:

You can read more about it in the corresponding JERIC (now TOCE) article, Teaching Design Patterns Through Computer Game Development.


Use the arrow keys to move your bomb. Press the spacebar to explode. You receive points for the number of objects caught in the explosion. Pick up the orbs dropped by green squares for bonus points.


EEClone requires that you have Java installed. Reasonably recent installations should work via Java WebStart. You can download the latest Java environments from



The game design is based strongly on Omega's Every Extend, and the background music is by Ween. The implementation contains elements from Andrew Davison's Killer Game Programming in Java.